Issue Priorities

Working Class Values
As a student working his way through graduate school as a part-time produce clerk, Chris understands what it means to be part of Billerica’s working class. His working families agenda will ensure that working class families have access to good paying jobs – including the right to unionize; comprehensive healthcare coverage – including a public option; and debt-free college and trade education – including apprenticeship programs and job retraining.

Legislative/Municipal Partnership
As the saying goes, “all politics is local.” Chris pledges to attend municipal meetings here in town so that he can best represent the needs of Billerica in the legislature. This includes ensuring that we receive our fair share of funding for our schools, conservation lands, aging infrastructure, community preservation projects, and senior services. 

Constituent Services & Gov't Transparency
Government transparency is important for a thriving and accountable democracy. Chris wishes to see a legislative process that is transparent, participatory, and collaborative and he believes we need to rebuild the public’s trust and satisfaction in our government. By actively listening to all constituents, regardless of political affiliation, and providing a robust constituent services office for the residents of Billerica, he believes we can do just that.